Mile Davidovic, citizen of the world, born in the area of former Yugoslavia in the nearby vicinity of the village Hlebine, world known for the School of naive painting. He has lived in Belgrade since 1977 where he finished Higher Economy School. In his youth he was engaged in sports, folklore and modern dance and afterwards he worked as Head of the Marketing Sector in Filmske novosti, cameraman on TV Studio B, reporter for the magazine Satelit TV in Athens, Greece where he lived for six years. His love for art he discovered during studies of Economy and decided to start painting. His paintings have been exhibited in around 500 individual and collective exhibitions in nearly 50 countries from New York to Tokio. His mayor exhibition was in Paris (Carrousel du Louvre, Grand Palais, Le Salon d' Automne, Versailles), Madrid, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Wien, Niagara, Torino, Praha, Brussels, Tel Aviv, Monaco, Berlin, Abu Dhabi, Athens etc. His paintings can be found in many galleries as well as private collections. He became a full member of the Orthodox Academy of Sciences, Arts, Skills and Innovations in 2017. On the international exhibitions of naive art he has been awarded many recognitions and prizes. He is a member of the International Association of Naive Art seated in Paris and ULUPUDS in Belgrade.