Purchasing my paintings is easy, safe and reliable. Please or write if you prefer. Over night or two day delivery and prices are available on request. Payment is to be made in full by payment on account in Euros. My paintings are securely packaged in protective tubes. I ship paintings by air mail. The paintings are delivered unframed as rolled-up canvases. This is for two reasons:

1)The choice of frame for your painting depends not only on the painting (colours, size etc.), but also on the decor of the room in which it will be displayed, and so is very much a matter of individual choice.

2) If I framed the oil painting for you, its price would increase significantly due to much higher shipping costs. For these reasons, I recommend that you take your painting to be framed at a local picture-framing shop. You are much more likely to get the exact frame that you want and it will be cheaper for you.


If you wish to inquire about the purchase of artwork, please contact me on this e-mail link:

D a v i d o v i ć   M i l e
Bulevar Mihajla Pupina  161/17
11070  Belgrade - Serbia
tel. +381 11 311-94-53    tel. +381 11  21-21-536
mob.tel. +381 63 21 47 88

GPS position     E 2025'05" N4449'14"


 Note: You are obligated to call us before coming in atelier and gallery !!!

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